Sexual Vibe

“Sexual Vibe” by Stephen Puth

Indie pop singer/songwriter Stephen Puth comes to Wolf in a Suit with a smooth and sensual gem perfectly titled, “Sexual Vibe”. The Los Angeles based artist has hit right on the head and created something smooth, passionate and so perfectly inviting that it just pulls you in an instant. The track begins with strongly and continues on like that throughout creating a must have experience for any music lover in the world. Plus with the assistance of Director Ally Pankiw, he has managed to blend it with the right set of visuals thus allowing the soundscape to be contemporary, playful and so utterly mesmerizing. Dive into this slick and sensual world and simply let the verses and sounds come together and surround you. Enjoy!

It’s about that moment when you see someone across the room, and how you feel before anything even happens. It’s about the build-up and seeing where it goes. When I’m writing, I’m interested in how something started, how it ended, and everything in between.Stephen Puth

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