Rupi Kaur

“Rupi Kaur” by Joel Baker

London based indie singer/songwriter Joel Baker opens up his heart and soul and gives us a gem that is sure to grab you with “Rupi Kaur”. With this refreshingly real and human, he tells us a story that we can embrace, connect and if possible even see a reflection of our adventures and misadventures. The soft melodies lead by the acoustic guitar allow the verses to really dance softly and as the video transitions, we move forward along with each note and sentence. We are hooked and pulled into a realm that only he could have crafted and it shows the mastery and the passion in his talent and his approach to music. It’s a most welcome development for it does not give us fantasies but real palpable and relatable emotions that we can see, touch, breath and more. So pay attention carefully and dive deep into this soundscape. Enjoy!

“One particularly dull day I got a drunk text and then a phone call from a girl who wanted to make sure I knew I was a dick. The song is called Rupi Kaur because the girl was the type to post Rupi quotes on Instagram. Fresh flowers from Columbia Rd. Oat Milk everything. Edgy and authentic gadgets from Urban Outfitters. Insta story after Insta story of fortune cookie, philosophy. For the record I love Rupi Kaur. In fact it was the girl’s “Rupi Kaur reading heart” that I was so enamoured by, but It didn’t work out.”

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