New Music Alert: Kiss Me On The Mouth

“Kiss Me On The Mouth” by Michelle Blades

Mexican-Panamanian indie singer/songwriter Michelle Blades comes to us for the first time and she delivers greatness with her track, “Kiss me on the mouth”. From the very first second, the track captures your every sense and provides us mortals with a perfect blend of visuals and melodies that are truly exhilarating and one of a kind. Her voice prances around each and each sound connecting the lyrics with them creating a story that pulls you and connects with you. The track is so raw, so powerful and there’s something about it that stays with you and makes it mesmerizing in every way. In the music video, you can’t take your eyes off her and she shines in every single scene embracing her fire and creativity in a way that makes us happy to see and listen. Enjoy!

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