New Music Alert: Home

“Home” by Alae

Once more the New Zealanders of the amazing band Alae have struck gold and created perfection with their latest, “Home”. The track is exquisitely crafted and blends pop and soul in a way that is refreshing and without a doubt mesmerizing. There’s something so inspiring and so powerful hiding in the verses and melodies that make it stand out on its own from the very first listen. Not only that, but the visuals tell a compelling and honest story that pulls us deeper and deeper into the world that this talented band has created with this fantastic soundscape. There’s a reason why these guys have been featured so many time in Wolf in a Suit and that is that they simply get it and aim to tell stories that connect with the hearts and souls of each listener. So let us once more enter the world they have created and enjoy what can only be described as a modern day masterpiece.

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