Love has all been done before (VEVO DSCVR)

“Love has all been done before” by Jade Bird

UK based indie rock singer/songwriter Jade Bird partners up with VEVO’s DSCVR platform to give us a live rendition of “Love has all been done before”. She does not disappoint at all, the video allows us to see a star in the making as her control and presence are simply mesmerizing. You can clearly see, hear and feel the fire that burns deep inside her soul and it truly is blinding. The soundscape is intoxicating and everlasting plus the simplicity of the background allows her and the band to really do what they do best and that is playing some great music. Not only that but the lyrics are so well written and the old school meets new school feel of the arrangement lets young and old connect with her sound. We are looking at an artist to watch and VEVO agrees. Enjoy!

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