Lonely Lives

“Lonely Lives” by Chris Jobe

Nashville based Indie Singer/songwriter Chris Jobe comes to us with the playful, insightful and inviting soundscape and visuals that make up “Lonely Lives”. The track is utterly magnificent and raw that it just grabs you and really tells a story that we can connect with. It all clicks and makes us feel understood and in a way it might even provide us with a reflection of our own ups and downs in life. Plus having the guts to wear a blue suit, giant balloons, barbed wire, chains and sing and dance while being in the middle of Manhattan deserves an applause and at least a few listens (and common the track is amazing). So just dive into the world he has crafted, let it tell you a story and enjoy!

“I wrote this song for a friend that put up mad walls after I tried to console them about being embarrassed at party, With that in mind, I wanted to be a walking metaphor in the video… a person who wears a spiky exterior for protection, but one that also makes their ego more fragile and isolated. So, I rocked sharp barbed wire, chains, a blue suit, and giant balloons as I sang and danced in the middle of Manhattan on a Monday. It was fun! No one really cared, except for NYPD in the subway. Whoops, my b!”

Chris Jobe

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