I hate to see you this way

“I hate to see you this way ” by Van Bellman

Brooklyn-based musician Zac Taylor aka Van Bellman blends blues, rock and pop to deliver the gem that is “I hate to see you this way”. With this powerful and insightful modern day masterpiece, this talented artist speaks about the painful sight of seeing someone special go down a path that is dark and most likely will bring sadness and pain to him/her and others. It understands that as human we have seen this or been the one gone down that path, whether we or that person learned from that experience is something else, but the pain was very much real. It speaks from the heart and delivers an arrow straight to our very souls in a manner that is strangely riveting and intoxicating. Plus the blend of visuals he has set forth for us is simply stunning and goes so well with the soundscape of this gem. So enter his world, connect with the verses and enjoy!

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