“Cold/Mess” by Prateek Kuhad

From India comes a singer/songwriter whose heart and soul can be felt in his music, say hello to Prateek Kuhad and “Cold/Mess”. With this fantastic and truly exciting blend of visuals and melodies, Prateek grabs us and pulls us into a world of his creation in an instant. The track is beautifully poetic, honest and in touch with reality in a way that is really mesmerizing and down to earth. Plus there’s something so uniquely charming about the visuals that create an experience that allows us all to feel as if we were watching a Short Film. Hands down this is one of the most amazing songs I’ve heard and it makes for a perfect addition to these last posts to end the year. So dive into his world and allow his melodies, verses, and story to course through you. Enjoy!

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