James Cherry

Music is life featuring “Why don’t you listen” by James Cherry

You already know I am a big fan of James Cherry, from the first time I heard him singing I just knew there was something special in him … and he is proving me right one song at a time. James has a voice that can change your day,...

Special Interview: MODERNS

MODERNS is the Los Angeles-based synth-pop duo of Christopher Fudurich and Rosie Okumura. Fudurich is an engineer, multi-instrumentalist and analog enthusiast. As a producer, he has worked with a variety of pop artists but MODERNS is his first collaboration with his own musical output. Okumura is a songwriter, vocalist,...
music blog

Within the Music -From Australia to the world

Music is life, music can connect souls, connect people from around the globe. My love of music let me to meet a person whom I believe has that same love for music and that person happens to write a music blog as well, what a wonderful coincidence.  The blogger,...