Arms Akimbo

Songs to listen: Michigan by Arms Akimbo

Just what the doctor recommended, “Michigan” is lyrically and musically amazing. Arms Akimbo show us their versatility and why they are a rising star in the indie music scene in Los Angeles. “Michigan” excels with the softness of the melody and accompanies it so perfectly with moments of free...
Casket Girls

Video Recommendation: “Tears of a clown” by Casket Girls

Casket Girls bring us a trippy yet truly creative and straight to the point music video, I don’t tend to go for political songs but this song was so well created. It isn’t your typical in your face listen to my opinion song, it was well created with a...
music video

YouTube Playlist: A great song goes with a great music video

Different flavors, different genres and different styles but all great music videos for amazing songs Shallows: Richard Lomax: Hedge Fund: Leland Sundries: FYE & FENNEK: Kid Runner: Daimon: The Roosevelts: Ashley Yokashi: Jane in Space: Enjoy each music video...
indie rock

Playlist: “Did you say Indie Rock? Yes I did”

Listen to some pretty awesome songs from some amazing indie rock bands out there. Enjoy the tracks and give this talented group of people a follow on Facebook. They will thank you by putting great music out there, I promise. Arms Akimbo: Jane’s Party: Cold Violets: