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EP Review: Romance and Rebellion EP

“…All American Pop-Rockers Romance & Rebellion are the product of four individuals believing that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Brought together by Manifest Destiny and unified under the principle that the song is king, songwriter David LaViola (Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Aaron Medina (Lead...
indie music

EP Review : Pássaro by Bora Bora

Tropical Space-Folk … Have you heard that sound? … I have and it sounds like… Bora Bora, a Chicago based band that is not afraid of mixing sounds, of mixing cultures, of creating and re-imagining different genres and creating their own … their Tropical Space-Folk. I would highly recommend...
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Artist on the Rise : James Cherry

James Cherry is one of those talents that just leaves you speechless, completely left without words … but I have to come up with words, maybe even invent a few to describe how massively talented he is and how if you have not heard him singing, you should …like...