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Featured Music Video: “Police State” by Pussy Riot

“If we find a way how to act together, be articulate, focused and persuasive, we can shift mountains. Look back: people did it before. Soviet dissidents were fighting against one of the most oppressive governments on the planet and shared their own diy magazines (samizdat) via secret networks. Labor...

Premiere: “Kiss from Argentina” by San Blas

San Blas First they got me hooked with their track “Zaid” last year and now they fully pull me into their world with the latest gem “Kiss from Argentina”. San Blas has officially become one of my favorite bands, they deliver unique sounds that showcase a passion and talent...
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Music Video Recommendation: “My Emptiness” by Folly Tree

“My Emptiness” by Folly Tree Beautiful and simply amazing first official music video by this talented band from Tel Aviv, Israel. “My Emptiness” speaks softly and makes us feel safe in its soundscape, the verses put forth by Folly Tree are the stuff of poetry and ethereal and haunting...
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Playlist: Unique to the Bones

Artists of Unique to the bones Playlist Naughty Corner: The Jolly Llamas: Brothers Rasputin: MUJYBELA: Tiergarten: Delagoon: Half Crown: Pat Kiloran: Sonder Saloon:
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Playlist: Be square or be the best alternative

Artists of Be square or be the best alternative Dwarf: Winston’s Dog: The Nursery: Racing Glaciers: The Lamaas: Schnarff Schnarff: Maison Hall: No Social Media Found YJY: Halycine: New Age Healers: Nick Perlman (Maps of Suburbia):
Casket Girls

Video Recommendation: “Tears of a clown” by Casket Girls

Casket Girls bring us a trippy yet truly creative and straight to the point music video, I don’t tend to go for political songs but this song was so well created. It isn’t your typical in your face listen to my opinion song, it was well created with a...