Take Me There

“Take Me There” by CAEZAR

UK based indie pop band CAEZAR give us a much-needed change of pace with their mesmerizing ballad, “Take me there”. The trio has created something so beautiful, so honest and simply filled with what dwells inside the hearts of all of us. We all want and desire movement, whether it is a job, a relationship, a moment or anything…we want it and need it to keep us moving forward. No one wants to be stuck in one moment, even when we say we wished a moment could remain forever, we still want that moment to evolve and grow and make us even happier if possible. Fantasies are nice to have, but the reality of life involves change and movement in order to make dreams a reality, to find love, to have a single smile, to laugh with friends, to find a fire in you that you had not seen before. Life is constantly pushing forward and that’s something so irreplaceable, so powerful and so unique to all of us. Enjoy!

A recurring theme throughout this EP is ‘movement’. Whether it’s excitement, remorse or anticipation – Take Me There is the final expression of this movement – the longing for escape. It’s easy to become faded by the weight of day-to-day life, so we wanted to write about the inspiration and hope of striving for something better. The vocal samples and irregular dream beat provides a haunting melody which acts as the perfect crescendo for this journey and for this EP.CAEZAR

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