My Amazon

“My Amazon” by Lost Woods

From Adelaide, South Australia comes the indie pop-rock band Lost Woods and they bring with them the gem that is “My Amazon”. With this catchy, inviting and pleasantly honest track, they serve up a soundscape bound to capture your attention in an instant. They speak about the ups and downs and the judgment that falls when one pursues a route in life that is not the typical (writing, painting, music, etc). The track is not only realistic but also understanding to those who do take that path and it has a sweet dose of hope and motivation. Enjoy!

Fun fact: The track features the vocals of Tushar Singh (Tales/Winter Gypsy), Miles Sly (MANE, Wing Defence), Josh Allen (Neon Tetra), Ariya Gabell (Urban Youth), Gabrielle Ballard (Abraska) and many more.

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