“Luck” by NEO NOIR

Indie music collective NEO NOIR come to us with the perfect blend of pop, rock, a dash of hip-hop and a lot of magic with their latest track, “Luck”. This Los Angeles based ensemble has already crafted gems for many renowned artists out there like Bruno Mars, Rihana, Justin Bieber and many more. Now they come to us with a sweet dose of their own fine vintage and it honestly is exquisite from the very first second to the last. Each note hits the right spot and the vocals dance softly and hypnotizingly through each melody delivering an everlasting and one of a kind soundscape. There’s no denying that we have hit the jackpot with this act and there surely is more to come. Enjoy!

Fun Fact: NEO NOIR has also ventured into the world of contemporary art/pop art with an emphasis on fashion and culture.

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