Living with the lights out

“Living with the lights out” by Crusoe

Indie pop band Crusoe comes to us with a refreshing and very much real take on relationships with their track, “Living with the lights out”. With this track, they take a step back and explore not the fairy tale aspect, but the dark and raw side of it. At times relationships go sour and may hang on a string waiting to either get stronger or break definitely, so it’s a mystery filled with fear, sadness and if you look carefully also dashes of hope. This soundscape is so human, so magical, and simply so utterly magnificent because it does not give us fantasies but a palpable story that entraps and captures our senses fully. Enjoy!

Everybody goes through hard times, what matters is who is there to hold you when life goes dim. This song is about a relationship on the rocks, just a flicker of love left. We shot a black and white noir music video for this song down in Guthrie, Oklahoma. I love that the album takes a second to breathe and reflect on relationship trouble with this song while still offering hope in the darkness.Jeremy Spring/ Vocalist for Crusoe

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