Higher Ground

“Higher Ground” by Olivia Grace

Indie pop goddess Olivia Grace tells goodbye to toxicity and a bad relationship and gets inspired to deliver the gem that is “Higher Ground”. With this track, the talented 23-year-old reminds us of those moments in which we put ourselves after somebody to only realize that that’s not how relationships should work. She brings herself back up and places herself where she was always meant to while also grabbing a lesson from the bad to turn it into a good for her. The track is playfully melodic and the soundscape while mature also invites the body to dance and have so fun as we all get to that higher ground together as we always should. She hits it right on the mark and the track is pop perfection. So listen carefully, smile, move forward and enjoy!

I wrote Higher Ground about putting myself first. At the time, I kept compromising what I wanted and making myself smaller to lift someone else up. Writing Higher Ground was therapeutic when I decided that I needed to keep moving forward in my life.”

Olivia Grace

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