“FACE PNCH” by Mad Hawkes

Los Angeles based indie singer/songwriter Mad Hawkes blends pop and rock melodies in a haunting and riveting manner in “FACE PNCH”. While at first, the lyrics may seem strange, they grow within you and you actually see the connection that you have with it. We all try to pull ourselves up constantly yet it’s not always that easy and we may end up not liking what we see and what we do. This very human duality is exemplified perfectly in her verses and the soundscape is simply mesmerizing from the very first note to the last. She hypnotizes you with her charm, her talent and her unique and refreshing sound that feels both contemporary and old school. So dive into her world and enjoy a one of a kind must listen gem. 

“I love myself, say it every day,” 
“I hate myself, punch me in the face.”

“It was one of those songs where the words sort of flowed out effortlessly, probably because they were just so accurate to how I was feeling.”

Mad Hawkes

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