“You’ve got the wrong guy” by St. Lundi

UK based indie musical act St. Lundi comes to Wolf in a Suit with the mesmerizing and bittersweet musical creation that is “You’ve got the wrong guy”. With this refreshing and intoxicating blend of melodies and lyrics he speaks of a love that is sadly not receiving what it’s giving. It’s a very honest and raw soundscape that understands that there is a moment in which you have to decide what to do, whether to stay or to move on. The track comes with questions that beg for answers to better understand what’s going on and where are things going to go. It knows that the heart needs to know in order to decide what to do and how to handle the pain, if it’s going to hold on to it and keep the fantasy running or finally the sad reality in front of it. So dive into this hypnotizing realm and explore the ins and outs of this one of a kind soundscape. Enjoy!

Whilst watching a TV show – where the main character was wrongly imprisoned – I started thinking about unrequited love within a relationship and how gut wrenching it can be. The song represents that moment where you realise you need to walk away or remain love’s prisoner, so to speak.” – Archie Langley AKA St. Lundi

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