“Your own blood” by MULIMBA

UK based indie singer/songwriter MULIMBA comes to Wolf in a Suit once more with the catchy and intoxicating must listen gem that is “Your own blood”. With this honest and bittersweet yet refreshing blend of melodies and lyrics, he speaks of the ups and downs that we go through within relationships like friends and family. He knows that life is not perfect and there are moments in which two will clash and does not mean that the love is gone, it just means that the opinions are different. It’s a perfect soundscape to speak to the heart and souls of all the people around the world as it aims to remind us that it is natural for us to clash every once in a while, but there should always be love and respect no matter what. So dive into this mesmerizing musical realm and embrace the human touch of this track. Enjoy!

“Your Own Blood is about family. That could mean your family by blood, your best friend/ close group of friends or ultimate just somebody that you care about deeply. I wrote Your Own Blood whilst going through a rough patch with somebody very close to me, but even though we were both hurt by things we’d done and said to each other, we still had an unconditional love for each other. No matter what you’re going through, good or bad, family will always be there.” – MULIMBA


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