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“Young & depressed” by Sean Kennedy

Indie singer/songwriter Sean Kennedy comes to us with the insightful and honest soundscape that dwells within “Young & depressed”. With this bittersweet yet charming blend of melodies and lyrics, the uber-talented artist pulls us into a story that while personal to him, manages to connect with us on that level as well. There’s something so soothing, so real and so perfectly human that there’s no escaping it, you are bound to fall down this rabbit hole. The soundscape is so warm and so mesmerizingly intoxicating that your hand will move automatically to press play once more after it ends for the verses you are listening to have in them a charm that is as much his as it is yours. So come with me and sway side to side to the soothing soundscape of this one of a kind piece of indie gold. Enjoy!

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