“You already know” by Sam Calver

UK based indie singer/songwriter Sam Calver comes to Wolf in a Suit with an honest and charming musical gem in “You already know”. With this beautiful and romantic blend of melodies and lyrics he shares what his heart and soul are feeling in a way that connects instantly. The track understands the reality of the human existence and gives it a fine dose of fantasy that allows the feeling of love to jump from the speakers and whisper at our ears to feel and to live. His voice is impressive and manages to caress the sweet magic found within this soundscape in a way that plays with our senses and imagination. So listen and tell your special someone that this track embodies what he/she/they make you feel. Enjoy!

“You Already Know is about when I first met my other half. We lived in different counties and had to travel long distances to see each other and to make it work. Being a classic bloke I could never tell her straight away exactly how I was feeling but hoped that she already knew. This song is about me fully opening up and looking back fondly on our beginnings and recognising that without her support and love I wouldn’t be half of what I am right now.” – Sam Calver

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