“Yesterday” by Natalie Shay

London based indie singer/songwriter Natalie Shay comes to us with an honest blend of melodies and lyrics with her latest track, “Yesterday”. With this amazingly raw and down to earth track she reminds us all that at times we are too caught up on the past to be able to see what can be in the present or in the future. We hold ourselves back by blaming others for our lack of advancement, yet we decided to be stuck on that persona, that moment, that issue and so forth. She accepts this and also tells herself that it is now time to move forward because that thumb she was under was always hers to move. The soundscape captures the magic and reality of the lyrics beautifully allowing us all to see gentle reflections of our own decisions and motivations to move forward. So sit down, relax and dive into her world because there’s something in it that is sure to motivate you. Enjoy!

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