“XO” by Chizi

UK based indie singer/songwriter Chizi comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with the empowering and inspiring sonic gem that is “XO”.  With this refreshing soundscape she grabs a hold of her own voice and sees the beauty and power in her voice as she finally gets over someone who truly did not deserve the time of day. While it may seem like time wasted, it can also be seen a lesson learned that motivates you to explore within and realize how capable you are on your own. The melodies and lyrics come together perfectly to pull you into and instantly connect with most listeners as the story is so human and so real. So listen, close your eyes and embrace your fire. Enjoy!

“My new single ’XO’, is about getting over someone and realising that you’re better off without them. This can be portrayed with the lyrics for example, ‘I can’t take that love, cause who I am is enough’. The lyrics of the song can relate to anybody who doesn’t like having their own time wasted; whether that is in a relationship aspect and the nonsense that comes along with it. It can be seen an anthem of empowerment, as the lyrics also convey a sense of personal strength to move on.” – Chizi

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