“Worst Behaviour” by SACHI ft Sam DeRosa

From New Zealand comes the talented duo SACHI and for their latest creation they join forces with Sam DeRosa to give us “Worst Behaviour”. With this track, they serve a fine blend of pop and electronica that is made perfect with the added magic of her voice and the honesty of the lyrics. The track tells a story that we are familiar with either personally or by the people that surround us and that makes us immediately feel as if we are connected with them. It gives us a common ground for understanding and enjoyment as it speaks of two sides and only you know which you were or still are. There’s no judgment, just honest and catchy melodies and verses that make for one hell of a soundscape. Enjoy!

“Worst Behaviour” conveys an unruly relationship where one half is captivated by their partner while the other can’t be tied down, with a craving for the nightlife’s chaotic charm. “ ‘Worst Behaviour’ is about a lopsided relationship where one half is playing games while the other is smitten,” Nick explained. “It came together super quick because it was something we all related to and thought others could too.”

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