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“Work it Out” by LeyeT

Los Angeles based indie pop singer/songwriter LeyeT delivers a bittersweet yet honest musical creation with her gem, “Work it Out”. While the title may lead you to think that is a song about love, friendship, and reconciliation, the reality is that you are no longer in that stage and that’s not a possibility anymore. It’s a raw yet quite frankly real track that understands beyond the hopes and the fantasies, that what we wanted and what we get are not always the same. She knows that once you reach a point in which there’s no more to do it all becomes destructive and painful to bear so you might as well stop trying to work things out. The soundscape could be interpreted as related to friendship or love relationship, but we can all agree that it relates to life itself. So listen, connect with it, find your own reflection and enjoy this must listen gem.

“…You’re making plans all in your head
Then you don’t invite me to them 
Don’t expect I understand 
Got a key but can’t get in…”

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