“Wonder Years” by Patrick Martin

Indie singer/songwriter Patrick Martin has crafted a fantastic tale of nostalgia and the love that could have been with “Wonder Years”. He deliveries melodies and lyrics that are not aimed at making you feel sadness but instead at remembering all the people that have gone by through your life. The track is is intoxicating and so poetically beautiful that you are sure to immediately feel something in your heart as you remember all that you have experienced and it skips a beat or two. It’s a fantastic adventure for your imagination as you wonder and ask so many “what ifs” with different people who had a certain moment in time in which they were special to you. So dive into it and enjoy the magic of “Wonder Years”.

“Wonder Years is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written.  Quite simply, it’s a story about passion between two people and their ignorance to the true love that they’re experiencing.  The inspiration for this song came from a lot of relationships, summer flings, etc. that I experienced.  I tend to romanticize nostalgia, so this record is my reflecting on some of those times and wondering if what I experienced was deeper than I realized at the time.  I’m asking all the people I’ve ever had anything with, “Do You Wonder?” because if we’re both wondering, maybe we missed out on something extraordinary.  The song is certainly directed towards my first love, but the stories came from all different places.  The “Wonder Years” are just those special times with special people, that no one likes to talk about, but can’t forget.”  – Patrick Martin

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