“Wish you were sober” by Conan Gray

Indie pop singer/songwriter Conan Gray comes to us with an honest and raw soundscape in “Wish you were sober”. With this refreshing and bittersweet blend of melodies and lyrics he speaks of a relationship in which things went south went alcohol got in the way. He embraces his own experience and shares it in a way that is melodically catchy while being lyrically mesmerizing and inviting. The soundscape speaks in a way that allows our imagination to easily paint the picture of the tale that he is sharing with us. There’s something about the track that is so real and so human as it speaks of fragile nature of people. It’s not about simply blaming someone but about seeing how they fall and sadly your hands cannot prevent this. He understands that maybe it’s time to say goodbye and move on for the saving of the other person might not be in his hands even if he desperately wants that. So listen carefully and dive into his musical realm. Enjoy!

“…Trip down the road, walking you home
You kiss me at your door
Pulling me close, beg me stay over
But I’m over this roller coaster…”

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