“Wish I was someone else” by golda

Los Angeles based indie singer/songwriter golda delivers a haunting and honest blend of melodies and lyrics with the gem that is “Wish I was someone else”. The track is so raw and so poetically beautiful as it uncovers all the pain and anxiety that the new age of social media seems to cause. It speaks to the human side of our souls as she shares with us her own experience with the portrayal of the perfect life that seems to roam through Instagram and other social media sites. This cause an unnecessary yet sadly natural need to compare our lives with others as if we where in the same race, but the hard truth is that our only competition is found in the mirror looking back at us. It’s hard to accept and she knows it, which makes this soundscape so bittersweet yet so captivating. So listen carefully and explore this marvelous musical creation. Enjoy!

“Closer, look in the mirror, I don’t know her, now that I’m getting older it’s too late for starting over…”

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