“Win” by Nasty Cherry

Los Angeles based indie rock band Nasty Cherry was first hinted by Charli XCX, but now they are a reality and “Win” is a showcase of what they are bringing. The track is playfully electric and there’s something about the soundscape that is so raw, in your face and has the right punk vibe to add a special edge to the rock and pop of the melodies. They paint a picture that we can immediately connect with because in the end let’s be honest, we all want and need to win. It’s rebellious, honest and that is refreshing to find because instead of trying to hide what they really desire, they just tell you and that is very much welcomed. This talented band made up of Georgia, Gabby, Debby, and Chloe are here to stay and we might as well enjoy the electric and mesmerizing ride. So hop on the back seat of this sweet imaginary ride and let us take the road they have paved ahead for us all.

It’s about not letting anything get you down, wear you down. Fuck it all. Win.Gabby of Nasty Cherry

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