“Wildfire” by SYML

Indie singer/songwriter Brian Fennell aka SYML comes to us once more and this around with a small dose of what’s to come with “Wildfire”. With this amazing track, we get a small glimpse into what will be heard in his upcoming self-titled album and you can’t help but get excited. With this soundscape he explores the ins and outs of life and how there’s beauty everywhere, it’s just in us to open our eyes and see it. While at times we may see only the worsts, there’s something inside waiting to be seen and to inspire us and motivate us to take steps forward. Life is made of a wide range of experiences that go from good to bad, but they all make our lives full and push us to be passionate and to really try. One bad experience can invite you to be true to who you are and let the world know because you found beauty in the darkness and want everyone to know. So listen closely and enjoy!

I wrote this song when all I could see was smoke and falling ash outside of my studio. It struck me that in these seasons of destruction and loss, someone might need to hear that there is hope and that they matter. There can be beauty in destruction, literally and figuratively.Brian Fennell aka SYML

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