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“Danger Cat” by Lone Wild

Indie rock band Lone Wild come to Wolf in a Suit with another fine showcase of music from their latest album with “Danger Cat”. With this seductive and intoxicating blend of melodies and lyrics, the talented band has crafted a soundscape that is sure to pull you in. There’s something so unique yet so familiar about this song that serves our senses a fine dose of both contemporary and classic sounds that are sure to turn this song into an instant classic. The track is crafted with the utmost care and manages to serve our bodies, hearts, and souls with a sweet dose of passion and rebelliousness that make it stand out with ease in the indie rock genre. We can listen quietly or sing along with all our energy and no matter what we do the track will welcome us with open arms. Enjoy!

“…So the hunted is on the hunt
And I’m 2 miles away
You and your brood just walk around
In front of your cave
You better run away, run away, run
And hide in the trees
Cause once I have you in my sights
I’ll take the shot with ease…”

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