“Why won’t you admit” by Sea Girls

UK based indie rock band Sea Girls continue their rise to greatness and this time around they give us a serving of “Why won’t you admit” from their newly released EP, ‘UnderExit Lights’. The guys know how to blend melodies and lyrics in a way that really captures your attention and just pulls you in. The soundscape is electric and so raw as it allows the feelings and emotions that dwell within it to simply come out into the open and connect with the listeners. They have truly crafted an exciting and refreshing realm that allows us to feel an intoxicating connection as our imagination goes wild and pulls us in. So listen carefully and embrace the sweet magic and emotion-filled reality of this soundscape. Enjoy!

“…You call me up, drunk and under the city street
Saying things you don’t tell your friends, I guess you’re needing me
So I come round to the bedroom door, you put me down
Grab my heart, where do I lay it, don’t make a sound…”

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