“Whole” by HEZEN

London based French indie singer/songwriter HEZEN comes to us with the intoxicating and vivid soundscape of “Whole”. With this exquisite and raw blend of melodies and lyrics she comes to us ready to hypnotize our senses and play with our imagination. The track embraces the magic and beauty of her voice as she lets the bittersweet verses she has crafted take shape and form and soar through the airwaves as they connect with our hearts and souls. There’s no denying that “Whole” is a powerful and enticing soundscape that is sure to get fans hooked. Enjoy!

“Safe + Bound is the place where I used to live for many years, until last year’s spring. That’s when I came out of a year-long episode of depression, and when these songs started to come out. It felt like going through a portal between two dimensions, and I wasn’t the same person when I landed. The other side, the here and now I had never, until then, “embodied”, that is, occupied fully with my mind in my body, with my feet on the ground, has been so alien and brutally surreal to me. These songs are like little amulets I collected over a year, each representing a feeling, an emotion that, once upon a time, I would have tried to bury deep down. They’re reminders that there’s beauty everywhere. Even in loneliness and chaos.” – HEZEN

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