“Whiskey & Cola” by VCATION

Swedish indie duo VCATION join forces with the hauntingly talented Klei and together they bring us their take on the classic heartbreak with “Whiskey & Cola”. The track plays along with what we all believe happens on the other side of heartbreak as one side is in pain and the other is supposedly in joy. The interesting back and forth showcase how we really don’t know what goes down on the other side and our hearts and brains simply believe the other side is “doing smoothies and yoga” while we drown in our sorrows with a healthy blend of drinks. It’s perfectly human and real and the soundscape just grabs you and hooks you to the story that takes shape and form in the union of lyrics and melodies that we are served. So jump into the reflection you are seeing and enjoy one hell of a must listen gem.

“It’s such a classic break-up story, where you go out to the club and drown your sorrows – while you imagine the other person feeling amazing. You imagining the other person already happy with someone else.”


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