“When we were young” by Flawes

UK based indie pop band Flawes comes to us with a dose of something quite frankly amazing with their single, “When we were young”. The track is perfectly pop while being inviting, honest and surprisingly insightful in its playful arrangement of melodies and lyrics. The guys connect with the listeners as they think of the past and ask the questions that we have all asked ourselves at one point or another. There’s something so human, so real and so touching that I feel as if this band is bringing an extra layer of depth and storytelling to what is being heard in the music scene. So smile, reminisce with them and enjoy this must listen gem.

“Sometimes in life you find yourself questioning decisions you’ve made, whether they’re from your past or present, and it’s crazy to think how one small choice made differently could have changed everything you know to be true now. It’s reminiscent for us, like If you knew what you’d become when you were a kid, would you have done anything differently?”

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