“What’s a Song” by Joel Baker

UK based indie singer/songwriter Joel Baker is back with his latest heartfelt and honest must listen gem, “What’s a Song”. With this track, he speaks about what happens after the breakup and how it’s not as simple as they make it out to be. It’s a slow process but you learn, you grow and slowly but surely you move on and start seeing all the colors that decorate the world around you. It’s a beautifully mesmerizing showcase of feelings and emotions that translate the reality of life in a way that is inviting and refreshing to find. You are bound to be hooked by the flow of his voice as it traverses the melodies perfectly as it allows us into this world. So dive into it, see a glimpse of yourself and enjoy this amazing musical creation as I am.

I wrote it a few years ago and it’s great to have it finally introduced to the world. When you lose someone in your life, especially someone who you’ve been living for, it leaves an ugly space that makes life feel worthless at times. Also, it’s hard to know how long to wait before you remove their profile icon from your Netflix account. It’s about the important questions! Hope you enjoy.’

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