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What are we not saying now?

“What are we not saying now? by Kadeema

Canadian indie rock band Kadeema comes to Wolf in a Suit with a bold and rebellious musical creation in “What are we not saying now?”. With this refreshing and instantly intoxicating soundscape they take a dig at the current approach of the world in which nothing can be said and everything needs to be done with extra carefulness. While I am all up for stopping some people when they are doing wrong and being poor examples of human beings, I am not a big fan of the whole “cancel” culture. I don’t agree with canceling people, specially when the reason for cancellation was years ago and the person has legitimately shown that they learned and matured to be better versions of themselves (not all do, but some actually do learn and take steps forward). We forget that being human is a constant learning process and no one is born with the key to all that is right and universally correct. We have talks, debate, go back and forth and learn from each other; sometimes disagreement remains and if necessary something else must be done (for example brands step away from individuals because the person is in constant disregard of the privilege they hold and how their words can cause pain to others). I don’t want to cancel anyone, I want to understand what took you there and really learn how can I prevent that from being part of someone else’s way of life. Canceling a person does no good and simply serves to keep on pointing the finger at someone, there’s no growth or rehabilitation that aims to bring forth the good that we believe can be found in all human beings (some though seem to be rotten to the core and I know this too). So whenever you want to talk and have a good exchange of ideas, I am down because the world does not revolve around us but understanding each other and growing together can help it be a little better. So listen to this electric and passionate sonic escape and remember that your heart, your soul, your mind can continue to learn and move towards betterment of who you are. Enjoy!

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