“Western Medicine” by Hoax

Indie rock band Hoax comes to us once more with the ethereal and everlasting musical gem that is “Western Medicine”. With this intoxicating and refreshing blend of melodies and lyrics they deliver a sonic experience that is both contemporary and classic while being so charming and honest. The soundscape comes alive in an instant as you press play and dive into this new world that unfolds in front of you from the very first second. There’s something about this track that provides our senses with the perfect escape from our current existence as our imagination is given a taste of the exquisite musical ambrosia. So listen carefully and join me as we traverse the ups and downs of this one of a kind soundscape. Enjoy!

I think humans kind of live through this notion that ‘as long as there is breath, there is hope’. We fixate on this, and spend so much time pondering on the meaning of our meandering existence, only to resort to these proclaimed ‘Western Medicine’ ​that allow our self-formulated expectations to control us and guide our decisions when really, they are just “miracle snake oils” than healthy lifestyles. But I do understand why, I think. Existence is painful, and numbing seems necessary.​”– Michael Raj of Hoax

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