“West Coast” by Freedom Fry

Indie folk/rock duo Freedom Fry comes to us with the picturesque and honest soundscape of “West Coast”. The track blends melodies and lyrics inspired by the real life experience that they went through when moving to Los Angeles. The story told within the soundscape speaks of seeking to turn dreams into reality while fight all the naysayers aka the sharks that you’ll find when you embark in such adventure. It’s an inspiring and playful yet human song that lands within our airwaves with something to tell us all. They have crafted another must listen hit that is sure to add itself to the ever growing list of fan favorites. Enjoy!

“We moved out to L.A., like so many others, to follow our dreams. ‘West Coast’ is about trying to swim towards your dreams amidst all the sharks around you.” – Bruce Driscoll and Marie Seyrat of Freedom Fry

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