“We’ll talk” by PEAKES

UK based indie-pop band PEAKES comes to Wolf in a Suit with the bittersweet yet honest musical escape that is “We’ll talk”. With this refreshing and raw blend of melodies and lyrics this amazing band gives life to a story of love getting to the point where it’s time to walk away from each other. It understands that things are breaking down and that one of the parts is ready to say no more and lead a life on his/her own. It’s a refreshing outlook into the experiences that are part of relationships for this part is rarely showcased in music even though it’s very much part of it. So listen carefully and embrace the honesty and raw nature of this amazing track. Enjoy!

“It’s about the breakdown of a relationship and the decision of one person to cut their losses and walk away. When someone you care about continues to make bad choices and you’re left with knowing that you have to stop seeing this person even when you’ve invested so much time and care into the relationship.” – Molly of PEAKES

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