“Wasting Time” by Billy Lockett

UK based indie singer/songwriter Billy Lockett delivers a powerful display of the bittersweet reality of a heartbreak with “Wasting Time”. With this honest and down to earth blend of melodies and lyrics he understands when a relationship ends there’s sadly one who stays stuck in the feeling while the other moves past this. The soundscape paints a picture that showcase the fragile nature of the heart in a way that is quite mesmerizing and intoxicating while staying true to the human experience. There’s something about the way his voice carries the verses that makes this track so powerful and so raw. So listen carefully and connect the feelings and emotions that this adventure carries in it. Enjoy!

“It was recorded totally honestly and totally in the moment – the beauty of recorded music is you can capture those moments sometimes. Once I had recorded it, I felt way better, the song changed my mindset straight away.” – Billy Lockett

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