“Waste of you” by Will Callan

UK based indie singer/songwriter Will Callan comes to Wolf in a Suit once more with the bittersweet tale of “Waste of You”. With this refreshingly haunting and honest soundscape, he explores the ups and downs of love in a unique and down to earth manner. He speaks of love stories in which one side cannot seem to see the beauty on the other side really appreciating how magical the love they share can be. It searches for more and more and only focuses on the bad as it forgets all the good that comes with it, it forgets that humans are not perfect and neither is love. It might be money, status, or something that they feel is lacking that pushes them apart as one side cannot see that all of that is never more important than an honest and loving heart. So listen and explore this one of a kind musical realm. Enjoy!

“Waste Of You” shows a different side to my songwriting with a slightly slower tempo. The song is about someone who is in a good relationship, but doesn’t appreciate what they have. Some people are always trying to find their perfect match…but who’s perfect, right? In a relationship, you shouldn’t feel bad for your partner’s mistakes. You saw the good in them in the first place, so it’s not your fault if they waste that for themselves. It’s a reminder that although they might not know it yet, they may have just lost the best relationship they‘ll ever have. Sometimes all you can do is stand back and reflect on what actually happened. I hope that people can relate with the emotion that comes across in the song.” – Will Callan

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