“Washing the Dishes” by Mia Mormino

Talented indie singer/songwriter Mia Mormino comes to Wolf in a Suit with something powerful and something that must be heard with “Washing the Dishes”. The Los Angeles native serves us a mesmerizing and honest blend of lyrics and melodies that come from real life and serve not only as an outlet but as a lesson to be heard and learned. There’s not only beauty and magic within her soundscape but something deeper and stronger that really adds a special layer to this amazing song. She gives us all something to hear and pay attention as abuse is not a game and does not exist in fantasies and movies, but it might be found closer than you think. So listen, embrace the raw truth of this gem and learn something of true value for your life and others.

This song is about an extremely verbally/mentally abusive relationship I was in for two years, and luckily in which I was able to get out of … This song is a very personal one and I mention things that only few know, so I’m putting myself out there for the sake of art and creation. Writing this song just felt good, and was by far the most therapeutic one I’ve ever written.Mia Mormino

If you or anyone suffer domestic abuse please contact the Nation Domestic Abuse Hotline at: https://www.thehotline.org/

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