“Warm Blooded” by Keelan Mak

Australian indie singer/songwriter Keelan Mak delivers a mesmerizing must listen indie pop gem with “Warm Blooded”. With this hauntingly charming and surreal track he invites you into his world and you simply can’t say no to this invitation. There’s something about the soundscape that stands outside what has been heard before making it welcomed and truly refreshing to hear as it evokes a wide range of feelings and emotions. The lyrics feed your imagination and the arrangement plays with your senses and invites your body to react as the melodies and vocals unfold beautifully into the real world. So listen, smile and enjoy a must listen gem created by a must follow artist.

I spent the last year trying to over-compensate with the production, but ‘Warm Blooded’ was almost like a homage to my young indie rock lover past. I listened to a lot of Frank Sinatra and Matt Corby, and was trying to be a little more vocally interesting. The verses are super low in my register and they’re borderline theatrical in performance, on top of a fairly simple groove and production.Keelan Mak

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