“War” by Astrina

Up and coming indie singer/songwriter Astrina comes to us with a battle cry and reminder to all that she is here to stay with the gem that is “War”. With this powerful pop soundscape she tells a story that is personal, as she was previously known under different name and she had to take a different route and find a new one. She embraced the fight that was in front and lost the name but came back stronger and ready to let her music speak for her as her talent shines through every verse and melody she crafts. The track is inspiring and every part of it just lands perfectly within our senses painting a vivid picture that is so intoxicating and haunting. So listen carefully and explore the world of “War” and connect with the fire that lies within it. Enjoy!

” …Writing “War” made me realize that his battle wasn’t worth my time, and I started fresh as ASTRINA. A name is just a name – it’s my music that makes me who I am.” – Astrina

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