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“Want me back” by BENEE

From New Zealand comes the up and coming artist BENEE with her latest must listen musical creation, “Want me back”. With this perfectly balanced sweet dose of bittersweetness and humanity, we are served one of the most amazing soundscapes of the year. There’s something so real and so relatable about the melodies and lyrics that you’ll end up finding yourself not only listening but living the story that transpires within this track. It caresses the heart and soul in a way that has been rarely found in the contemporary music scene and personally it has all the right touches to become an instant classic. So listen carefully because you sure to find a little bit of you within these notes and verses and the connection will only get stronger and stronger. Enjoy!

“‘Want Me Back’ was freestyled in a recent studio session. I just improvised and think the result is more vulnerable and different to the rest of the songs on the FIRE ON MARZZ EP. It’s definitely tops of the BENEE songs for me right now.”

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