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“Wake Up” by Run River North

Indie rock band Run River North is back to Wolf in a Suit once more with the electrically charged soundscape of “Wake Up”. With this refreshing and inviting blend of melodies and lyrics, the band invites us to follow the example of the title and open up our eyes to all that life has to offer. There’s something so human and so real about the track that while it may land as a breath of fresh air it may also land like a bucket of cold water but however, it arrives we must embrace it and make it ours. We can smile and finally notice all the little things that surround as the sun rises each day and the stars shine bright at night, we are here and nothing is free so make your dreams a reality and understand that you gotta work hard for it. Enjoy!

“…Come smell the roses
Oh, come take your time
Dead for a moment
Set heaven on fire
Same life, same skin
Wear it out, I hope it fits
The sun is coming up
I think it’s time (to wake up!)…”

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