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“Violet” by Sea Girls

UK based indie rock band Sea Girls come to Wolf in a Suit once with an exquisite musical creation with “Violet”. With this track, they shy away from the tortured souls and embrace something lighter and more playful as the soundscape tells the story of a sudden realization that is fun to hear. The melodies and lyrics come together and they play with our imagination as they paint a picture of someone realizing that love has been in front of them all the time. It’s honest, human and warm in its approach allowing the listener to feel an instant connection with it for it tells a story that could probably happen to everyone. There’s something about this soundscape that is refreshing to the senses and welcoming to our hearts and souls as it serves a fine dose of contemporary indie rock. So dive into this adventure and fall in love with another musical gem by these talented guys from the United Kingdom. Enjoy!

“If our other tracks are the shade, then Violet is definitely the light. There is no tortured soul here, just a boy who avoided the inevitable for years, suddenly realises, and throws himself wholeheartedly to someone who’s made for him. Put your face in a sink of ice cold water and that’s how it makes me feel.” – Henry Camamile

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