“Valhalla” by Lauren Ruth Ward

Lauren Ruth Ward starts the year strong and with a passionate and mesmerizing indie rock gem that is perfectly titled “Valhalla”. With this electrical and unique gem, this talented indie goddess/warrior lets the world that she has found her place and that through all the ups and downs her paradise has been found. She touches something in all of us through her fiery singing and insightful lyrics as she knows that we all go through our own adventures in life and our Valhalla is waiting for us all. She breaks the so-called rules that people have put on her and through her rebel yell reminds that our lives are written by us and no one else. The soundscape is truly something special and a must for any music lover out there. So dive into her world and find a reflection of your heart and soul in it. Enjoy!

I take in religion and mythology the same : Thoughtful stories of gods and goddess that happen either before time or in another world that teach lessons, carve out ways to live, inspire. . . I’ve read multiple versions of Valhalla and I see it as a heaven for hero’s who’ve died in battle. As most various of the story go, once a warrior has made it into Valhalla, they continue to fight in battle daily but instead of death, they rejuvenate and feast in the infinite hall (that is called “Valhalla”). Since moving to LA to pursue music, my songwriting has been pulling the trauma out from me. Some of that resurrected trauma is coming from having to make lose/lose decisions to get myself to the peaceful state I am present day. I died many times in my battle of “being a straight woman”. I tried hard and often felt like I was failing at “being a woman”. I hurt myself and others in this personal battle. Reflecting back at the decisions I had to make, I can remember the pain but I don’t feel the loss. I’m now able to see I made the right choices. I have arrived to my Valhalla. I am thankful for those who’ve shared similar stories with me. We continue to fight in this battle daily but manage to still live. Having to fight yourself and society on who you are / what is normal is a daily battle. A definition for what is the normal way to love and live is bullshit. I remind myself of this daily and it makes me proud of myself.Lauren Ruth Ward

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